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LIN4Me – your new advanced personal phone book

LIN4Me is a new app that will replace your old phone book. It is a dynamic self-maintained application which will never get obsolete and will always have complete and up-to-date contact information of your connections.

LIN4Me is an innovative, user friendly, secure and dependable phonebook from Aadoo Innovations Ltd. As an individual you can manage your contact details (including phone, email and address) and share with your authorised contacts. Your details will always appear complete and updated on LIN4Me app installed with your connections. And same is the case when your connections keep their contact information complete and updated at their end and share with you on app. So your phone book is always synced up with the latest contact information without you worrying about updating it.

Instant calls, messages, emails and one-click navigation

LIN4Me is equipped with quick use single click features for instant calling, messaging, emailing and navigation all within one app and even works in offline mode.

LIN4Me also provides you with capability to generate your personalised digital business card with relevant contact information that you can share with other business contacts even if they don’t have the LIN4Me app and are not connected to you. That saves you on printing and carrying paper cards everywhere. Just a small link does the trick.

LIN4Me not only allows you to keep connected with your friends, family and business people, it even provides you with a mechanism to keep networked to organisations like school, agencies, associations and social bodies with whom you want to be associated to. You can then receive promotional offers, event notifications and important alerts from those organisations all within the app. And if you decide anytime to disengage with any of these organisation connections, you can do it instantly with just a simple unshare on the app. So you are in control all the time and empowered to decide with whom you keep you engagement.

LIN4Me is easy to get started and stays as an important utility app on your smart phone. Once downloaded and registered with your contact information, the application generates a unique alpha numeric code called LIN that represents physical address, phone number and email for you. LIN number becomes your property for the lifetime and remains constant even if you change your underlying contact details. This ensures that any individual, business entity, government body, public service or social organisation that you are connected using this LIN number will always have your latest contact details.

LIN4Me provides endless opportunities and solutions to manage contact information and connect people to people, people to business and business to customers to make life a little easier.

We wish our users a very happy engagement with LIN4Me! Stay updated and connected!

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