Accessible and available
Up-to-date, complete and accurate contact information without the hassle of maintenance


Privacy friendly
Contact data is stored securely and sharing is controlled by you


Personal and business
Capabilities for connection, communication and engagement on web and mobile


Bringing change
Dynamic digital platform to automate multiple business and personal use cases
LIN4Me – your new advanced personal phone book

LIN4Me is a new app that will replace your old phone book. It is a dynamic self-maintained application which will never get obsolete and will always have complete and up-to-date contact information of your connections. . . .
LIN is an innovative digital platform for organisations to conveniently manage their contacts and actively engage with them using mobile app and web. It is a unified platform for business for contact management, communications and real time engagement with their stakeholders. LIN provides an opportunity to businesses to establish and engage continuous association with all their stakeholders including customers, employees, partners and shareholders....